Cumberland Times-News

February 17, 2013

Try enforcing the gun laws that exist before passing more

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

—  Bill O’Reilly of the Factor fame has stated he supports a federal gun registry. He feels it should work like registering your automobile. He also states that he supports the Second Amendment.

Well, Bill, when you finally stop spinning, you will realize that you are galloping down a real slippery slope. Fees for auto registration are not restrictive for vehicle ownership.

Fees that the federal government will apply to registering guns will be.

How else will they afford to implement the program? Yes, on the backs of legal, law abiding gun owners.

So, to make it clear, by making it cost prohibitive to register my guns, you will infringe on my right to own them, thereby violating our Second Amendment. Also, this registry will be a target of every cyber hacker in the world.

My thought is before we go crazy in enacting more laws, let’s look at all the gun laws that are already out there and let’s start enforcing them.

Interesting little story I read a couple months back. There was an undercover law enforcement agent at a gun show in Maryland he spotted an illegal transaction taking place, confiscated the weapon, then arrested the man.

No “staged” events, no screaming and yelling, well, no drama, just good law enforcement. Now that’s the ticket!

Helene Kerns

Levels, W.Va.