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June 17, 2014

Maybe new leadership can renew autocross relationship

— For the last 11 years The National Road Autosport has operated its autocross programs at the CBE airport in Wiley Ford, W.Va.

As a direct result of our use of the airport much tourist trade has been generated for Western Maryland and tons of monies expended by participants in this sport. Many businesses have benefitted from this booming industry.

Airport use for this type of controlled activity is common throughout the USA and in no way affects the daily use of the airports, many of which are major facilities.

Not to drag this out but I would like to reiterate and concur with the letters sent to our elected representatives on this matter.

Most of the participants have well over $100,000 invested in racing apparatus, and we as taxpayers would certainly like to have a say in the use of a facility that is almost completely subsidized by the taxpayers.

There is no commuter service into or out of the airport, and is only used by one or two prosperous business individuals and other hobbyist like ourselves.

The Allegany County Commissioners that voted against this activity are, in fact, the direct benefactors of the racing.

Go figure. The appointed West Virginia representatives have no problem, nor does the Federal Aviation Administration or our elected state representatives.

I would hope that this matter can be settled at the polls this year. It appears that personal agendas are the norm today in politics.

I would also hope that the rapport we have generated in the past with the PHAA will someday regenerate and the Airport Authority will, under new leadership, continue to allow the Auto Club to promote the activities of the airport and Western Maryland.

Gary L. Miller


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