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July 12, 2014

Scare tactics, misinformation abound regarding marijuana

— In response to Frank J. Clark’s well intentioned letter, “Don’t be too quick to legalize marijuana use,” July 10 Times-News), I believe that his letter misses the point of legalizing and regulating marijuana.

Colorado was used as an example of a place where adolescent marijuana abuse is prevalent. However, in Colorado, it is not legal to sell recreational marijuana to adults under the age of 21.

A look at the large organizations (NORML, LEAP, etc.) that are advocating for legalization will show them in agreement that marijuana is not meant for use by adolescents.

So far, not a single shop has been cited for selling to underage clients during the 20 sting operations already performed by Colorado law enforcement.  

The economic benefit to Colorado is evident, with hundreds of millions in tax revenue and job creation on a large scale. The more than a Trillion (with a T) dollars spent on the “war on drugs” has done nothing but create hardships for millions of Americans and destabilize countries that surround the U.S.

The scare tactics and misinformation regarding marijuana’s harmful effects, which have been circulated for decades, fail to help in solving the problem.

In fact, it has undoubtedly undercut the credibility of concerned citizens like Mr. Clark who use these findings of correlation as if they are proven to be causes by scientific study.

Michael Spicer

Boston, Mass.

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