Cumberland Times-News

May 11, 2013

More pain at the gas pump will be coming for Marylanders

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Looks like our tax and spend Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley had his way again, as the General Assembly in Annapolis goes along with every tax and spend liberal Idea that O’Malley presents.

The Maryland Senate passed Gov. O’Malley’s massive 80 percent gasoline tax hike over Easter weekend. Now Maryland families and businesses will be burdened with the fifth highest gas tax rate in the nation.

Adding more pain at the pump and increasing costs of food and daily household items will evaporate more money out your family’s budget! The gas tax hike was avoidable and it’s not fair that another one of your taxes went up.

The Republican leaders in Annapolis blasted this new tax as unfair. Alternative was an ever-shrinking budget to fulfill one of state government’s most basic obligations which is providing an adequate transportation infrastructure that will allow the state to remain economically competitive.

Although the Democrats in Annapolis called this action a Maryland’s gas-tax victory, it most certainly is not a victory for small business in Maryland and for folks that use their automobiles for daily use to their jobs and necessary trips.This new foolish and unnecessary tax burden imposed in Maryland must now be remembered by the voters of Maryland at the next elections.

Al Eisner

Silver Spring