Cumberland Times-News

November 28, 2013

Who needs the Comedy Channel when we’ve got Washington?

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— America is the best country on the earth to live in. But if we as decent people allow Obama and his people to make and enforce laws that are made to destroy life as we are used to, we are doomed.

New York City won’t let a person smoke unless they are 21, but at age 18 they can get killed or blown to pieces, then come home and are forced to buy health insurance that will not cover anything.

Nikita Khrushchev said many years ago the Communist Party would rule America and never fire a shot. This has come true. The U.S. government has taken prayer and discipline out of schools and parental control from homes.

If America’s people don’t stand up for their rights before 2016, Obama will have total control over America. Obama has lied to the American people from the first. The Democratic Party is just as dirty and low down as Obama and the Republican party is no better.

The American people need to get some backbone and heart about ourselves, go to the White House and Capitol Hill and get Obama and our politicians by the shirt collar and get some law and order back in this country. This also goes for state and local government.

We can’t stand more taxes, higher fuel prices and more governmental control. America has elected a dictator, and if we don’t wake up and take our rights back, we should pull Russia’s flag up the pole now.

Foreign countries don’t need to watch the Comedy Channel. All they need to do is tune in Washington and look at what they are doing to America.

Aden M. Stonestreet Sr.