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October 30, 2012

They were elected to serve us; what are they actually doing?

I have many questions.

1. Why were citizens of this county taken into a coalition of counties and money paid by citizens to appointed people by a person elected to represent citizens without their having a referendum or voice in the decision?

2. Why is one elected official who is to be commissioner of Allegany County making decisions to pay a lobbyist and possibly a law firm and pay large sum of money without referendum or notice to taxpayers?

3. Now he is going to take on Canal Place. The tourist business is a flat out no revenue dean. Even the suggestions were made at meetings where the public was to be heard and discussed for viability, they were dismissed or ignored. You have to have a marketing structure in this area or no increment of capital is going to be viable to bring in tourist revenue to Cumberland. Is this his position to take all this authority without public voice? This is democracy?

We need jobs in Cumberland and Allegany County. I have read in yor editorial page, suggestions for promoting livelihood for residents. They also seem to be ignored. Where are our state representatives to speak out on the legality of all this authority? Are you aware it is being implemented without any voice from the taxpayer?

We as citizens do our duty and obligation to vote you into office, so what are you doing to serve “We, the People” of Cumberland, Allegany County and the state of Maryland? Governments are created by the people to serve the people.

Patricia J. Sweitzer


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