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May 4, 2014

Delegate wants meeting to discuss roundabout situation

Dear Secretary Smith and Administrator Peters: I respectfully take this opportunity to correspond with you regarding ongoing motorists’ complaints and safety issues pertaining to the recently constructed “U-About” located on U.S. Route 220 South, Allegany County. This U-About provides access to Interstate 68 Eastbound.

As you aware, the total construction cost of this U-About was well in excess of $3 million of
taxpayers’ money. As you are further aware, on numerous occasions, in public and private conversations with you and your predecessors, I expressed my opposition to the construction of this U-About and my reasons for same.

It is a widely held sentiment of my motoring, taxpaying constituency that this U-About has created dangers, which did not previously exist, for those traveling this section of U.S. Route 220.

Further, I have received many complaints from taxpaying motorists who cannot understand why they have to continually dodge roadway potholes, which damage their vehicles, while simultaneously the state expended over $3 million in the construction of this unnecessary and unwanted U-About.

For your review I have enclosed herewith a
letter to the editor from a constituent (“Roundabout could have been the scene of a fatal accident,” March 5, together with a news article (“Rumaway SHA truck injures driver,” Feb. 26, Page 3B), both of which appeared in recent editions of the Cumberland Times-News Likewise, I have included a letter from a constituent regarding his observations, experiences and concerns as one who daily travels this U-About. The sentiments set forth in these documents are representative of the U-About safety issues and concerns of many Allegany Countians.

To avert what many believe to be an inevitable U-About tragedy from occurring, I am requesting the expeditious scheduling of an “on-site” meeting at this U-About location. The purpose of this meeting would be to examine immediate and longterm improvements
which would enhance the safety of the U-About.

I am requesting invited meeting participants to include SHA Representatives, my Allegany County Delegation colleagues, and representatives of the Allegany County Traffic and Transportation Advisory Committee. Upon the scheduling of this requested meeting, I shall invite the constituents who drafted the above referenced letters.

Subsequent to review of this correspondence, I would be most appreciative if the appropriate SHA representative would promptly contact me to discuss the scheduling of this meeting.

Thanking you for your time and attention to this matter, I remain
Very truly yours,

Delegate Kevin Kelly, 1st District

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