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May 6, 2014

America operating under a double standard in Ukraine

The U.S. has totally lost any claim to moral leadership in the world.

We get exercised and outraged over the gassing of civilians in Syria and condemn Assad for doing it. But yet when our puppet Oleksandr Turchynov slaughters civilians and his Pravy Sektor allies burn them alive in buildings, we get all worried and angry at Putin.

In Maidan Square rioters burn buildings, take over buildings, shoot the police, 100 dead — U.S. response, Victoria Nuland hands out cookies and we applaud the courage of Maidan. When villagers do the identical thing in Slavyansk, or Donetsk, the U.S. calls them criminals, pro-Russian activists, terrorists.

For the U.S. it all depends on whose ox is being gored. No matter how despicable the people, maybe if we call them “ours” and support them, we never see anything wrong with what they are doing.

In short we have a double standard. If “ours” kill civilians well they are fighting for democracy, if the other side kills civilians, they are murders and terrorists.

Our president and secretary of state called the murder of civilians “proportionate.” All because we did “Regime Change” so as to ensure a government was installed that would sign a European Union agreement.

 The U.S. has a double standard when supporting insurgencies — and this is a country that thinks it should dictate how the world behaves. It can’t even settle on ONE standard and apply to everyone in an evenhanded manner, regardless of whom they support.

And now we have turned a blind eye to the slaughter of civilians being done by the coup-installed Kiev government who are our proxies. Even our press is complicity in this crime by accepting whatever Obama and Kerry say.

There is another side to this sorry episode in U.S. Foreign Policy but you will have to look to newspapers in other countries who do not feel obliged to ignore U.S. war crimes in Ukraine.

Judith Weller, PhD.


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