Cumberland Times-News

February 20, 2013

Little-known beer tax would have helped fund these schools

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— In 1935 after the repeal of Prohibition, Garrett County voted “wet” for beer-only. Our stalwart delegation in Annapolis, with foresight, added 2 cents tax on each bottle of beer, known as the “G” cap. This tax was described for schools and roads.

Then in 2005, a beer distributor, along with a lobbyist from Annapolis, persuaded the former Board of Commissioners to repeal that tax, which our stalwart George Edwards and Wendell Beitzel did.

After 70 years this tax was producing an average annually of $136,000. This revenue would have practically funded our schools and the Riverside Academy in Kitzmiller.

I might add, those beer drinkers didn’t know they were paying a 2-cent tax for each bottle, nor did they care. Set ‘em up over there!

DeCorsey Bolden