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March 11, 2014

County paid to help fund Rocky Gap, but wasn’t paid off in sale

On Feb 27, I attended the meeting of the Allegany County Commissioners and signed up to speak along with two other people. We had to wait until all the business was conducted before we could speak.

Not until Sunday, March 2, was anything reported in the paper and that was a few lines at the bottom of another article (“County adds to staff in tax office,” Page 1A). And that information was not correct.

Apparently your paper does not think what citizens say at public meetings is worth really reporting.

I was there to ask about the status of our debt at Rocky Gap because in my research of the hotel/motel tax I learned we were still paying oft the debt on Rocky Gap lodge even though the lodge was sold to private developers for a casino in 2012.

I learned from the commissioners that the Lottery Commission was in charge of making the deal for the sale to the developers and that the commission did not even ask about our debt, but closed the deal leaving us holding an empty bag full of debt papers.

What happened to the Board of Public Works who made the original deal?

So that the public will have the correct information, I learned the following: Allegany County borrowed $4,995,000 to fund the lodge, but we were not considered bond holders, so we were not paid off in the sale.

Mary Miltenberger


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