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November 7, 2013

FSU students helped to make Halloween magical experience

A wonderful Halloween experience: Frostburg City and Frostburg State University are constantly trying to blend the university’s population with that of the town citizens. Well, this year, for a short period of time, this was achieved on Halloween night.

My house, which is located on Broadway in Frostburg, is surrounded by college rentals. As my 3-year old little girl prepared for trick or treaters, I went around my neighborhood and asked the college students if they would visit my house so my little girl could give them candy.

Most agreed and for over an hour there was knocking on our door by the biggest trick or treaters you can imagine. Some in costume and some not, but Zoey didn’t notice as she handed out her candy and wished them a Happy Halloween.

What we had was the magic of Halloween and I want to thank those wonderful students for getting into the spirit of that night, for being such a good neighbor and for making this Halloween special for a little 3-year old who was anxiously awaiting the arrival of trick or treaters.

God bless you and may the rest of your year be as successful as this one magical night on Broadway.

Mike Wade


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