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December 9, 2012

Based on our track record, don’t look for much success

We all like to see our area succeed in projects supported by taxpayer money. Over the years we have had many plans to improve our economic condition, but not very successful.

It all began with Urban Renewal that was going to improve things, but a total loss. The Baltimore Street mall is not a booming site, Canal Place is struggling to survive, and even the new hospital is having financial problems.

We have two economic development centers and can’t seem to get industry into the county, and Rocky Gap Resort has had “rocky” times over the years.

Now we are to have a casino, will it survive? At one time it was said it could attract people from Pittsburgh, Baltimoreand Washington.

But today these areas have their own casinos or nearby ones. Competition will be rough and the local economic condition will be of not much help. It will be interesting to see how successful based on our past projects.

Mel Collins


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