In the Aug. 15 “Slice of Life” section, a travel article appeared by Rick Dezen. (“City man lists travel destinations, attractions,” Page 7C) There were two misprints.

First: Most police people should have read Most polite people — No. 1 the Japanese and second the South Koreans everyone bows to you.

Second: Best Crystal is at the Swarovski Crystal factory located in Innsbruck, Austria, not Innsbruck Factory.

Also this time my mistake.

The waiter at Piccolo Italian restaurant is named Rachid from Algeria, not Mohammed. The maltre d’, also nice, is Latif from Morocco.


I’ve lived in Cumberland, Maryland, my entire life.

I am loyal to Puccini’s Italian restaurant. Their food, and especially three gems who work there, Brie, Trina, and Trish — all-stars.

Also I adore Au Petit Paris French Restaurant in Frostburg, the ambiance, food and the staff.

Last of all the Creamery, Page’s and LaVale Dairy Queen, all have outstanding ice cream.

Thank you,

Rick Dezen


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