Cumberland Times-News

December 12, 2013

Attorney general proposes youth apprenticeship plan

Gansler also a gubernatorial candidate

Associated Press

— SILVER SPRING (AP) — Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler is proposing a youth apprenticeship plan to help expand job opportunities.

Gansler, who is running for governor, announced the plan Thursday.

He said it will give 16-year-old high school students a chance to get job training while earning high school credits.

Gansler said the plan will enable students to get a certificate of completion that will serve as a recognizable credential in a particular job field.

The apprenticeships would be run and paid for by employers. Gansler said Maryland now has a limited apprenticeship program that primarily serves students seeking careers in construction and building trades at the age of 18. He said students interested in manufacturing, engineering, biosciences, information and biotechnology, health care and other industries do not have the same career pathway.