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March 22, 2013

Air Force Honors Hyndman Woman

Michael A. Sawyers
Cumberland Times-News

— HYNDMAN, Pa. — Marsha (Emerick) Johnson, recently honored by the U.S. Air Force for her civilian work, says her farm life upbringing has been critical to her success in supporting and caring for military personnel.

Johnson has been named one of the Capital Airmen by the Air Force District of Washington where she is the director of the Strategic Programming and Development Center.

Those so recognized have exemplified Air Force core values of integrity first, service before self and excellence in all they do, according to Sgt. Tammie Moore.

“Farm life teaches the importance of a strong work ethic and values and the helping of others,” Johnson said in a Friday phone interview with the Times-News.

Married to Donald Johnson, a retired Marine, she makes the trip back to see family about every other week and has frequently spoken to Hyndman students and teachers about her career. She graduated from Hyndman High School in 1977.

Her family owns and operates Emerick’s Meats.

“Hyndman people are very proud of those who have left town and had successful careers,” Johnson said. At the upcoming Memorial Day service in Hyndman, Johnson’s husband will be the guest speaker.

Johnson’s career spans 27 years and includes work with the U.S. Army for 14 years in Germany.

Johnson has also been named Outstanding Civilian Performer four times and Services Senior Civilian Specialist of the Year in 2008.

During her career, Johnson earned a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services Management from the University of Phoenix in 2011 and will receive a Master of Science in Business, Organizational Performance Improvement from Grantham University this summer.

“My career has allowed me to travel the world and experience different cultures and diversity beyond my expectations,” Johnson said. “I have met amazing people and leaders.”

Johnson’s work has been in the realm the military describes as “morale-welfare-recreation.”  She worked for military clubs in Kansas and Germany, serving those who serve.

“The journey has been a great chance to join the fight,” Johnson said. “I’m energized by my career of service, which allows me to support and care for the Air Force experts who serve our great country.”

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