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June 5, 2014

Keyser boosters to be audited by BOE

School unable to make payments on board-approved loan

KEYSER, W.Va. — The Mineral County Board of Education will be looking at the financial statements and documentation of the Keyser High School Athletic Boosters to ensure that the money is going in the right direction, according to Kevin Watson, board president. Gary Nelson, booster president, indicated that he has never been asked to show where the money that was raised is going.

“I wasn’t (asked) and I’m the president and I don’t think it goes much higher than me,” said Nelson during the board meeting Tuesday. Watson agreed with Nelson.

“I will be by to check them out the best I can to make sure everything is going in the

right direction.”

With every fundraiser that is held in the name of Keyser High School, 25 percent goes to Principal Charles Wimer, 15 percent goes to the athletic complex and 10 percent goes to the boosters, according to Watson.

“I want to see official documentation of that,” said Watson in an interview with the Times- News.

Nelson indicated that an audit of the boosters would be clean.

“My audit is done by the school. We don’t have nothing,” said Nelson.

As of June, the board has paid $1 million toward the athletic complex, not including any of the money raised through fundraisers.

Dave Boden, the parent of a football player, said that the athletic field is necessary but that it was the board that approved the loan agreement.

Since the board approved the loan agreement in 2008, it hasn’t been able to make the annual payment of approximately $270,000.

“Mr. Watson made the motion to go for the bigger loan, that responsibility is here,” said Boden.

Watson took the blame for the debt situation with the athletic complex.

“Just so you know, I continue to point the blame toward myself but I’m not going to go forward until I can figure out where things went wrong in the last five years. So I’m going to continue to work my way backward,” said Watson.

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