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February 21, 2014

Mayor of Frostburg seeks to clarify city code misconceptions

For the Cumberland Times-News
Cumberland Times-News

— The tragic fire at 144 Bowery St. on Feb. 14 has unfortunately spawned a number of uninformed letters to the editor and other postings that misrepresent the codes of the city of Frostburg and make assumptions regarding the causes for the tragedy without benefit of the pending report from the state fire marshal.

The Rental Housing Ordinance for the city of Frostburg and the corresponding electrical, plumbing and fire codes adopted by the city of Frostburg provide full and complete standards for all rental units in our city. The rental housing code is enforced on all rental properties within the city, regardless of whether the tenants are students or senior citizens. Rental properties are registered annually and inspected regularly. Anyone interested in the truth can find the rental housing code at our website,

No city ordinance prohibits unrelated persons from being tenants in any home anywhere in the city of Frostburg. Within the various residential zones there are limits to the number of unrelated persons permitted in order to prohibit the old-style “animal house” rentals. These types of abusive residential rentals are being eliminated in all college towns.  

The city is committed to fair housing and as such the same standards are applied to all rental housing in the city of Frostburg. Moreover, it would be against the law