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June 23, 2013

Longtime engineer ‘respected by peers’

LAVALE — During his 48-year career with the State Highway Administration, George Small served under the leadership of five District 6 engineers.

Jack Bushby was the top man at the District 6 headquarters when Small transferred to Allegany County in 1974.

“Jack Bushby was old school. He knew everything taking place in his district and he was hands-on. He was an institution and we hit it off great,” said Small.

Wallace Beaulieu succeeded Bushby. “Wally Beaulieu was an engineer’s engineer. He was innovative and down to earth. He was an advocate for computers and wanted to make sure we were on the leading edge with that technology,” said Small.

Fred Crozier was Beaulieu’s successor. “Fred Crozier was a delegator of authority and it really built our confidence,” said Small.

Bob Fisher was named District 6 engineer after Crozier. “Bob was a unique engineer and knew all the fine details. He was big on accountability and if you gave him a date when a project was going to be completed, you had to make that happen. You were the one to give him the date and he held you to it. He was all business but he was a lot of fun too,” said Small.

Small said he hired Tony Crawford, the current District 6 engineer. “It’s probably not often you get to hire your own boss. I have utmost respect for Tony. He’s a fantastic person. We have a strong understanding of both of our jobs and it makes for an unusual relationship.”

Small said, “Each district engineer brought a different style of management but collectively formulated how I formed my management style, how I treated my staff and, most importantly, our customers.

“Each one of those district engineers was all about customer service and they all insisted that the customer comes first.”

Said Crawford, “George shared his knowledge and experiences with SHA staff, county governments and municipalities, adjoining states and many more agencies. He is well-known and respected by peers across Maryland and the region. He is always willing to share his knowledge and experience with everyone.”

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