Cumberland Times-News

October 4, 2013

Men are susceptible to breast cancer, too

Cumberland Times-News

— Breast cancer is not a disease exclusive to women. Annually, approximately 2,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 400 die from the disease each year.

Several factors increase a man’s risk of developing breast cancer. These risk factors include a family history of breast cancer, age and liver disease or Klinefelter’s syndrome. It is important to share your medical history and any symptoms with your physician.

If you or a man in your life experiences any of the following issues, contact a physician immediately.

• You feel a lump, hard knot or swelling in your chest area.

• The skin on your chest dimples or puckers.

• Your nipple pulls in toward your chest wall.

• You see redness or scaling on your nipple.

• There is discharge coming from your nipple.

Do not wait to share these signs with your physician — the earlier cancer is detected the more likely treatment will be successful.

Source: American Cancer Society