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January 27, 2013

Going to the hospital chapel to get married

Elaine Blaisdell
Cumberland Times-News

— CUMBERLAND — In sickness and health took on a whole new meaning for recently married couple Barry Dubit and Victoria McTuage of Frostburg.

Despite Dubit’s recent hospitalization, the wedding the couple had planned still took place although it was in a different venue — the chapel at the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center.  

Dubit recently had surgery and following a wedding rehearsal at the First Presbyterian Church in Frostburg had to be transported to the hospital Saturday, according to the Rev. Penny Pitts.

“Barry was determined to get married,” said Pitts, who officiated the ceremony on Sunday.

It may not have been the wedding that Dubit and McTuage had planned but they were still joined by about 50 loving family members, friends and staff  for the ceremony in the hospital chapel.

Dubit and McTuage met online and have 10 children between them, according to Pitts. Dubit is a retired federal government contractor and McTuage is a nurse at Frostburg Village.  

“When you first met face-to- face you danced in the moonlight in a nursing home parking lot. “Your commitment to another is real, steady and compassionate. I see unwaivering, unconditional love in all that you do and this is proof of it,” said Pitts, referring to the chapel wedding at the hospital.

“You have lifted each other up in sickness and health, embraced each other’s families and used your life experiences in your past to begin a  a strong and firm relationship.”

The couple got permission to marry at the hospital and with the help of Nursing Supervisor Suzie Layton were able to pull off the wedding and a reception at WMHS.

“I’m glad I could help in any way I could. I didn’t want to stop love,” said Layton.  

The Dietary Department provided drinks and table decorations for the reception and McTuage provided the food, according to Layton.

“The staff was unbelievable, they are the most wonderful people I have ever met. I never thought it was going to turn out as nice as it did,” said Dubit, who noted that he was worried if the wedding could still go on despite the fact he was hospitalized the night before. “They told me not to worry about it and that they would take care of everything. I wanted to marry her and they made it happen.”

During the toast, long-time friend Patrice Deprey of Frostburg wished the couple, “many years of health and happiness.” McTuage thanked all the guests for coming despite the last minute change in venue.

Periodically, couples get married at the hospital, but there are no to show how many, according to Kathy Rogers, director of community relations for WMHS. The Rev. Hans Killius, pastoral care director at WMHS, said that is was the first wedding he had seen in the chapel.

“I can’t stress enough how wonderful the staff at the hospital is,” said Dubit. “They are very people-oriented.”

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