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October 31, 2013

Dave Boden resigns from Mineral Development Authority

President third to leave county board

KEYSER, W.Va. — Dave Boden, president of the Mineral County Development Authority, resigned effective immediately during an ad hoc meeting Tuesday to discuss the strategic plan.

“There is no ill will or acrimony. It was just time (to resign),” said Boden. “It could help things transition quicker.”

During the meeting, Boden handed in his resignation letter and emailed it to the county commissioners and other authority members who weren’t in attendance.

Most likely the board will nominate vice president Tom Braithwaite as the president and take a vote on it during a Nov. 19 meeting, according to Boden.

“They will probably want to get someone in that position right away,” said Boden.

Boden was the third person to resign from the board; Bob Cole and Steve Davis had previously tendered their resignations.

Despite the recent resignations, Boden feels that the authority has a lot of dedicated members.

“We had a lot of special meetings and they were always well-attended. We had a very engaged board. That made it difficult to resign,” said Boden. “In the 18 months that I was on there I saw more people volunteer.”

Boden also noted exciting developments that the board is pursuing such as the proposed bridge project in Carpendale. He indicated that the project needs a lot of attention and felt that there is a possibility that it could come to fruition.

 A bridge spanning the Potomac River from Carpendale to Bowling Green would provide access to 300 acres of CSX property and allow for commercial property to be developed, which in turn could create jobs.

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