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October 19, 2013

County OKs contract related to Rawlings water project

Public meeting to address questions on work Tuesday

Matthew Bieniek
Cumberland Times-News

— LUKE — High profile county water projects were among the items on the agenda of Allegany County commissioners at their regular business meeting Thursday.

The ongoing Rawlings water and sewer project will mean an expanded role for a pumping station at the Allegany County Detention Center. While much of the design work for the distribution system is being done in house, the pumping system requires specialized electrical and control work, said Mark Yoder, the county’s utilities division chief.

The pumps at the center move water to the Barton Business Park water tank, which will be connected to the new Rawlings water system, Yoder said.

Commissioners approved the selection of the EADS Group and approved a contract for $20,000 in design services and $4,000 for construction administration. The cost has already been included in the budget for the Rawlings water system overhaul.

A public meeting is planned for Rawlings residents who have questions about the overall water project on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Rawlings United Methodist Church, 18910 McMullen Highway SW. Allegany County Department of Public Works engineers will be available for questions.

The schedule for the initiation of water service by Allegany County government, and the connection to the public water system will be discussed, as well as the termination of water service by the Rawlings Water Company. The project will bring clean water and reliable water service to the Rawlings area. The first phase of the project is under construction and is scheduled for completion in the fall.

The second phase of the project will provide water service to about 350 customers in the Rawlings area. About $4.2 million of the $5.4 million for the total project, including all phases, will be paid for by grants and low-interest loans, he said.

Commissioners also heard a report on a bid opening for the Braddock Run Sanitary Sewer rehabilitation project. Allegany County is required to eliminate sewer overflows in the area through a consent order by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Construction of an access road to a portion of the Frostburg Industrial Park was also on the agenda for commissioners. The Appalachian Regional Commission will provide funding for the road with no required county contribution, said Matthew Diaz, the director of economic and community development.

About 20 acres have always lacked access, Diaz said. The road project will take care of that. Commissioners selected Specs, Inc. for the site engineering for the project, with the contract amount listed as $47,296.

“We need some engineering work ... to get that project going,” Diaz said. Specs has worked with the county on similar projects before, Diaz said.

Commissioners held their regular business meeting last week at the Luke City Building at 510 Grant St.

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