Cumberland Times-News

March 1, 2013

States woo Maryland’s Beretta factory

Opposing sides of gun-control bill flock to Annapolis

Associated Press

— ANNAPOLIS — A proposed gun-control measure in Maryland drew large crowds of supporters and opponents.

Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is pushing for the bill, spoke Friday in front of the Maryland State House to supporters of tighter gun laws.

Mosi Harrington of Hyattsville said six students have been killed in six months in Prince George’s County by gun violence. She said the measure is a step forward in stopping violence.

“When do we say that’s enough? It’s enough.” Harrington said.

Across the street, opponents filled an office building for the House of Delegates, where the bill got a hearing a day after the Senate approved it.

Doug Bigelow of Hagerstown said he came to Annapolis to speak out for his Second Amendment rights.

 He said he lives in a rural area and wants to be able to defend himself if necessary.

 “I’m not going to wait for the sheriff to arrive 45 minutes later in the middle of nowhere where I live,” Bigelow said. “I have the right to be able to defend myself.”