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May 20, 2013

Ryan seeks re-election to Ridgeley council

For the Cumberland Times-News
Cumberland Times-News

— RIDGELEY, W.Va. — My name is Tanya Ryan. I am currently on Ridgeley Town Council and will be seeking re-election on June 11, 2013. I just wanted to share my thought and opinion directly with the citizens of Ridgeley so I wrote this letter to do just that.

It is sad, but true … I guess Ridgeley is going to be the talk all over yet again with the mayor’s indictment and elections just around the corner. God help this town and the people in it. I’m not a Bible pusher, but I do believe in God, nor do I claim to be perfect. I do know the Bible says it is not our place to cast judgment on one another. ... That is God’s job! If this is what people have to do to try to earn votes then they should not be trying to represent our town.

I am a straightforward, up-front, honest person that goes on facts, not rumors and hearsay, so if anyone has any questions, concerns or comments to share with me or about me I would respectfully ask that you direct them to me personally as I would do to everyone else.

All I can comment on the subject of the mayor’s indictment is that as an elected official I did what was in the best interest of the town people and called upon council to hold public meetings to keep the town people informed of this issue through the investigation and following the outcome of the audit. We were all informed of the grand jury indictment following the regular meeting Tuesday night, May 14. The only thing I can say is I will continue to look out for the best interest of the town people; which is what I was elected into office to do. This issue is in the hands of the Grand Jury and God.  We need to move on and let the law handle this now and concentrate on doing what is best for the town of Ridgeley. That is what we are elected to do.

Thank you for taking an interest in what is happening in Ridgeley and whether you agree or disagree the only way you can make a difference is come out on June 11, 2013 and vote.  I strongly encourage Ridgeley registered voters to come out and vote. There will be early voting on Saturday, June 1 and June 8, for those that can’t vote on June 11.  Thank you in advance for your support.