Cumberland Times-News

February 24, 2013

New law requires landlords to provide recycling

MDE to notify unit owners

Cumberland Times-News

— OAKLAND — The Maryland Department of the Environment will send letters in the coming weeks concerning new recycling requirements for owners of apartment buildings or condominiums that have 10 or more units, according to Garrett County Solid Waste and Recycling.

These property owners will be required to provide recycling to their tenants by Oct. 1, 2014, in accordance with House Bill 1, which was passed during the 2012 legislative session. The bill requires that tenants are given the opportunity to recycle metal containers, plastic containers, glass containers and paper.

Garrett County will need to adopt an amendment to its 10-year plan in order to comply with the legislation. An opportunity for public comment will be provided sometime before the bill’s effective date. The language for the amendment still needs to be drafted and MDE will have to approve the language before it can be adopted, according to Dave Baker, manager of the Department of Solid Waste and Recycling.

The bill also provides for enforcement of the law. Each county can address how it will handle violations as part of the language adopted into the 10-year plan.

For more information or to comment, call 301-387-0322.

MDE has also offered to take questions directed to either Tariq Masood, regulatory and compliance engineer, at 410-537-3326 or or David Mrgich, chief, Waste Diversion Division at dmrgich@mde. state. or 410-537-4142.