Cumberland Times-News

March 14, 2013

Keyser city workers get pay hike

30-cent increase first in three years

Elaine Blaisdell
Cumberland Times-News

— KEYSER, W.Va. — The Keyser City Council approved a 30-cent, across the board raise for city employees during the public meeting Wednesday. The council also approved a six-month raise increase for Shannon Marsh, city administrator, and a wage increase for Alison Ebert, tax clerk/building in-spector.  

“(Mayor) Randy (Amtower) and his staff has worked very diligently working with the budget and doing what they can trying to find a little something extra for our city employees,” said Clint Faulk, who was filling in as acting mayor. “We all know what our city employees do; we see it. Sometimes they are not acknowledged as much on their paycheck as what we ask them to do.”

Amtower has looked at the budget and decided that there was room in the budget for raises, according to Councilman Terry Liller.

The last raise for city employees was about three years ago, according to Councilman Sonny Alt.

Marsh has worked to find ways to save money and cut the budget, according to Faulk.

“We are paying less out. By saving money in one aspect we can reward some of our employees,” said Faulk. “We have an exceptional staff at City Hall. They do an excellent job and what they have done to accomplish the goals by this administration is outstanding.”  

Marsh’s raise is part of the benefits package that she was promised when she started the job.

“I think we are extraordinarily fortunate to have the good people we have working for the city,” said Liller.

In addition to tax clerk duties, Ebert took over the duties of building inspector, which has allowed the city to save money because it doesn’t need to hire someone else for that position, according to Liller.

“Alison Ebert has just done an outstanding job. She loves what she is doing,” said Liller.

The council also approved the following:

• Gave Nick Landis and his staff at the Keyser pool permission to hold a basket bingo.

• Approved the Potomac Valley Transit Authority’s budget request for $1,500.

• Approved a water design resolution.

• Tabled a request to close a portion of Center Street for the National Day of Prayer to consult with Chief of Police Karen Shoemaker.

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