Cumberland Times-News

May 20, 2013

Sustainable Shale head calls for broad discussion

Associated Press

— PITTSBURGH (AP) — Andrew Place once planted 5,500 trees on his 210-acre Greene County farm, adding native hardwoods to expand the habitat of a rare salamander.

Place is also the corporate director of energy and environmental policy at EQT Corp., a Pittsburgh-based energy company that has drilled more than 500 Marcellus Shale gas wells over the past four years. And he’s the interim head of the newly formed Center for Sustainable Shale Development, a partnership between industry, environmentalists and foundations, the Beaver County Times reported Monday.

He’s all too aware that some see contradictions.

“Step away from the stereotypes. There are people across the spectrum. If you dig below the surface of somebody’s title, you’ll find that they’re not as (one-dimensional) as you might think,” said Place.

As far as Place is concerned, it’s not just about shale gas; it’s a broader discussion about energy, costs and jobs.