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May 1, 2013

‘If I Were Mayor, I Would ...’

If I were Mayor, I would make several changes in our local government. One of the first things I would do would be to develop a working relationship between the Mayor and the elected City Council. Working together as one team would make my goals for our community easier to achieve.

One of the first things I want to accomplish would be to bring more local business to our area. It would generate more employment opportunities for our community. Until the employment increases, I would encourage the lowering of taxes. Our citizens are struggling to make “ends meet.” Once our employment opportunities increase, we will gradually increase the taxes in order to develop additional projects for our area.

Projects ... what projects? Those projects will be determined by the new community relations committee. This committee would be responsible for holding “town meetings” with our citizens. Topics that will need to be handled by the group would be obtaining funding through grants for increasing police enforcement in our schools and community events. The goal would be to make our community safe for our children and their families.

Schools ... We need to develop a committee comprised of local business representatives as well as representatives from the educational staff of our community. We want to obtain grants to increase the quality of education for our children. Grants for computers and books will be at the top of the list of goals.

I realize that this is a big undertaking. However, I feel if we encourage the participation of people in our community both adults and children we will be able to accomplish these goals.


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