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December 17, 2011

Many happy holiday returns — or remains


There are a lot of things in this world one wouldn’t mind living over again. You know, the standard stuff, the day you got your absolute favorite Christmas gift. (I was 7 and it was Spot, my first dog!) The day you got married. (For us, May 29, 1953, and I hope MHTB felt as happy about it as I did — and do.)
The days your children were born. (Well, some of the details of those days I don’t need to be reminded of, but the overall results — yeah!) And vacations. (Especially the one to Scotland — and back! — our church gave to us.) Things like that.
Some things I do live over and over again, and I’m not complaining. For instance, I like the Glade Christmas commercial this year, where Santa Claus flies right off the end table out the window and the snowman comes to weird life. The music is as catchy as anything I’ve heard this season, and it must be on 10 times a day, but I really haven’t tired of it — not yet anyway.
Every year at this time I look through the old Christmas cards and remind myself about all the friends they stand for — although I don’t like the long lists of names in my address book that are crossed out. It’s barely a shade of its former self, and every year, when I use it, the job turns into a kind of memorial exercise on behalf of all those old friends I used to send cards to — and never will again. But it does remind me of them, and brings back fond reminiscences that I probably would not experience if I filled in a brand new clean address book with only live names in it Nothing wrong with reliving dear memories of old, long-gone friends.

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Maude McDaniel - Living
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  • Old houses and furnaces and a different world

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