Battie Mixon Fishing Rodeo

There were 516 young anglers who caught 985 fish at the 69th Annual Battie Mixon Fishing Rodeo in June on the C&O Canal at Oldtown.

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OLDTOWN — A record number of young anglers, 516, caught 985 fish at the 69th Annual Battie Mixon Fishing Rodeo at the C&O Canal in Oldtown in early June.

Anglers 15 and younger landed 615 bluegills, 145 sunfish, 121 catfish, 36 bass, 28 crappie, 15 shiners and seven trout.

The canal had been stocked with 800 pounds of bluegill and 600 pounds of channel catfish. Some of the fish were provided by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and some were purchased by the Battie Mixon Catfish Club.

Dylan Pell was the grand prize winner in the Casting For Kids competition.

Other winners of the John W. Cooper IV Memorial Trophy in that competiton were Hunter Tichnell and Haven Morgan, 6 or younger; Ethan Holler and Alexa Shilling, ages 7-11; Dylan Pell and Hannah Muir, ages 12-15.

Dedicated Angler Awards went to Hunter Ganoe and Ella Beeman.

The Leroy “Pete” Hartsock Award for the first tagged bluegill went to Mason Malcom and Myah Alt fishing in the Upper Lock and to Dayton Tressler and Ava Yonker fishing in the Lower Lock.

Numerous trophies were presented.

Largest catfish by a boy Kamden Sears, 26.5 inches.

Largest bluegill by a boy, Justin Morgan, 8.75 inches.

Most fish by a boy, Dayton Tressler, 68.

Most catfish by a boy, William Fadley, 3.

Largest catfish by a girl, Whitney Richard, 23.75 inches.

Largest crappie by a boy, Jaren Youngblood, 9.5 inches.

First fish by an Oldtown angler, Mason Malcom at 10:05 a.m.

First fish by a Cumberland angler, Eliana Burkett at 10:05 a.m.

Largest crappie by a girl, Bryle Road, 10 inches.

Most catfish by a girl, Pazley Davis 2.

Largest sunfish by a boy, Matthew Mason, 89.5 inches.

Largest sunfish by a girl, Shanda Patterson, 8 inches.

Largest trout by a boy, Saige Friend, 13 inches.

Most sunfish by a boy, Braxton Hahn, 2.

Most sunfish by a girl, Skylynn Diggin, 2.

Most bluegill by a boy, Dayton Tressler, 68. 

Most bluegill by a girl, Lara Bittinger, 69.

Largest bass by a boy, Patrick Whiteman, 12.25 inches.

Largest bass by a girl, Amber Long, 3 inches.

Most fish by a girl, Lara Bittinger, 69.

Largest bluegill by a girl, Baylei Conn, 8.75 inches.

Special award for golden shiner, Jackson McMillan.

77th fish (Fort Hill Class 1977), Upper Lock, Alyssa Long.

77th fish (Fort Hill Class 1977), Lower Lock, Lara Bittinger.

Special trout award, Sterling Friend.


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