CUMBERLAND — The Cumberland Street bridge, on the city's West Side, will be closed indefinitely beginning Friday, according to John DiFonzo, city engineer.

DiFonzo said the signs needed to close the bridge and redirect traffic have been prepared.

"The Cumberland Street bridge will be closed sometime on Friday, so traffic will not be able to go over the Cumberland Street bridge," said DiFonzo. "Smallwood Street, between Cumberland and Fayette streets, will be changed to two-way to allow traffic from Cumberland Street to go up the hill to Fayette Street, so they can use the Fayette Street bridge to get to the other side of the tracks."

Residents parking on Smallwood Street will need to park their vehicles facing Cumberland Street beginning Friday.

DiFonzo said he regrets any inconvenience.

"We understand this is not a good situation with having Washington and Cumberland streets' bridges both closed. However, that is the condition they are in," DiFonzo said. "They are being closed for safety reasons."

The Cumberland Street bridge is one of three bridges in poor condition on the city's West Side. The bridge on Washington Street was closed in August due to deterioration and being struck by a rail car. The closures will leave the railroad bridge on Fayette Street the only bridge open to vehicular traffic on the West Side.

"There were inspections done and repairs recommended, and those repairs have not been made," said DiFonzo. "So we really have no choice but to close the bridges for safety precautions."

The Cumberland Street bridge will remain open to pedestrian traffic.

The city is planning on meeting with officials from CSX Transportation in the coming weeks to seek a resolution to the bridge problems.

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