Cumberland Times-News


January 26, 2013

Senior license? Don’t delay application!

Dear Mike,

I would like to pass along a bit of information for your West “B.G.” Virginia readers that may be nearing age 65. Old geezers are now required to purchase a new Senior License.

Said license is not available via the usual outlets, but requires a special form. I hit the magic number soon and happened to get lucky and ask the correct questions at the correct time.

I was able to obtain the form at a local DNR office. I filled out the required data, tendered a check for $25 and fired off all to Charleston on Jan. 9. Ten days later I am still waiting for my license. Mail (the snail variety) to Charleston is two days max.

If any of your loyal readers are getting older and will be in need of a Senior License, don’t wait till the last minute.

Bob Groves

Romney, W.Va.


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