Here’s why the Rolling Mill plan is a bad plan:

1. The plan shows no respect for the elderly. Where will they go?

2. To include the destruction of churches in development plans is unconscionable.

3. Residents emotional connections to their homes and neighborhoods have been treated dismissively by development officials.

4. Officials have prioritized the destruction of a long standing city neighborhood over the purchasing of nearby commercial property. The field beside Martin’s and the transfer station adjacent to Chick-Fil-A are currently available for development.

5. The city’s refusal to hold a public meeting and conduct this development with full transparency sends a negative message to Cumberland residents and potential residential real estate investors. Why invest in Cumberland properties when those homes may be slated for destruction? Why make home improvements if the city! has potentially selected your neighborhood for redevelopment?

6. Contrary to some of the misinformation bandied about on social media, there is no difference in crime rates in this neighborhood and other City neighborhoods.

7. If city residents would take the time to tour the targeted streets, they’d find that the majority of the homes are well maintained.

8. Many neighborhood homes are fully paid for and are occupied by senior citizens.

9. Many of the targeted homes are more than 100 years old and have considerable historic character.

10. Rolling Mill is only the first targeted area. Which neighborhood will be next? How many historic neighborhoods is the city willing to sacrifice and for what? 

Jamie Wiseman


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