There was never a time in my life when I didn’t care about women’s issues. (See: “No woman would have written this,” Nov. 6 Times-News.)

So when Terry Copeland writes on Nov. 8, “He doesn’t care about women’s issues” it’s an attempt to interpret my thoughts by putting words into my mouth.

Neither Copeland’s words nor thoughts could have any depth of understanding, meaning or interpretation of my motives in defense of women.

It is one thing for me to discuss, historically and of current interest, as I did, “the motives for crimes against women” in the broader context of the trifecta (three-in-one) religion of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and their draconian impact of patriarchal social and antisocial behavior.

It is quite another thing, however, to have my words misrepresented to give them a different meaning than I intended. Ironically, Terry Copeland’s letter says more about Copeland and nothing that is true about me.

By setting aside, however, Copeland’s misguided attempt to reinterpret my letter for our readership, I’ll go on to add that the greatest holocaust of humanity was not slavery or the more recent slaughter of Jewish people on a mass scale, terrible as they were and are.

The greatest holocaust has been and is now the serial inhumanity of man against women as recorded in Genesis and continuing to this day.

And, no amount of overstepping my original intent can change that.

David Crockett



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