Every Saturday the Times-News editorial page features this Hits and Misses column. It is a look at the positive and negative news or events over the past week. Readers are invited to send their suggestions.

• A HIT for Dr. Nagaratnam Ranjithan of Cumberland, who is retiring as a kidney specialist after treating more than 10,000 patients over the last 41 years.

• A THANKS FOR A LIFE WELL LIVED for Dr. Robert Brodell, who died Nov. 17 (see obituary Nov. 24 Times-News, Page 5A.) He was a practicing pediatrician for 37 years in Cumberland, served in the Army Medical Corps, co-founded the Children’s Medical Group and received many honors.

• A HIT for Donna S. Edwards, a Cumberland native who maintains a residence here and was elected the first woman president of the Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO. She also was the first woman to serve as the organization’s secretary-treasurer.

• A MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHTS WORK (it was too obvious to pass up) for city of Cumberland electrical and Parks and Recreation Department crews who worked to fix a persistent problem that had kept the Christmas lights dark for nearly a week on Virginia Avenue. Another HIT for the South Cumberland Business and Civic Association volunteers who maintain the lights. Our thanks to Jim Ballas, a volunteer, who suggested this one.

• A HIT for Central Assembly of God Church of Cumberland, which recently celebrated 100 years of incorporation.

• A NEVER MIND LOOKING BEFORE YOU LEAP; LOOK BEFORE YOU SIT for the Seattle family that discovered a four-foot-long python hiding in the toilet. It was said to be the type of snake that is a popular pet among reptile fans, which leads us to wonder how many of them are named “Monty.”

• A MISS for the city of Baltimore, to which Carroll County public schools have halted school-related trips because of escalating violence in the city. The number of homicides in the city have passed 300 for the third straight year and Mayor Catherine E. Pugh has said crime in the city is “out of control.” 

• OUR STINKER OF THE WEEK is the Massachusetts robbery suspect who police said robbed a bank, then fled in a getaway car, which he abandoned and fled on foot before unsuccessfully trying to hide from police in a portable toilet.

• OUR UNSPEAKABLE WRETCH OF THE WEEK is the Pennsylvania man who was sentenced to three to six years in prison for sucker-punching a man who has cerebral palsy outside a store and was caught on video. He asked the judge for leniency and said he wanted to rebuild his life. An AMEN goes to Common Pleas Judge William P. Mahon, who told him, “You are a bully. You are a predator. You are a coward. In 18 years on the bench I have never had such tangible evidence of someone’s moral compass being so askew.”

• OUR LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION AWARD goes to the man police say robbed the M&T Bank branch on National Highway in LaVale, then fled on foot, only to be caught a few minutes later. The bank is located directly beside the Maryland State Police Barrack, and the restaurant where he was arrested is just down the street.

• OUR DOLT OF THE WEEK is the northern California man who flew a drone over two NFL games last weekend in Oakland and Seattle to drop political leaflets on the fans. Not only are drones banned by the Federal Administration from flying near most major sporting events, but the wind blew most of the leaflets out of the stadiums. 

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