Cynthia Knight’s Aug. 25 letter extolling the virtues of and claiming progressivism the “heart and soul of America” apparently presumes general ignorance on the part the American people and reveals contempt for historical fact.

By the 1930s, socialist one-worlders and Marxists adopted the labels “progressive” and “social justice” to deceive people about who they were and what they believed.

At the core of progressivism is socialism and evolutionary Darwinian utopianism that seeks to remake, willing or not, mankind over in their anointed image. They reject notions of inherited principles, wisdom, philosophy, and absolute truth.

Therefore, they eschew the Judeo-Christian principles upon which America was founded represented by the Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence and Constitution as much as they do the Word of God.

They despise the free market, private property rights, competition, and the rights of individuals.

 For them truth is relative, the end justifies the means, and rights are not inviolate but rather privileges bestowed by government for the “good of the whole” and in doing so have birthed a generation mired in moral confusion.

Progressivism’s guiding belief is that the power of government must be expanded at the expense of liberty in order to transform society into their vision of justice in which everyone is equal in every way.

This ethos was embraced by radical Republicans like Theodore Roosevelt, liberal Democrats like Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, Marxist intellectuals, and wealthy socialist elites.

Their vision paralleled Darwinian evolution but the former could be accelerated through aggressive government power.

This was exemplified by their creation and embrace of eugenics seeking to eliminate undesirable races, ethnic groups, and those with disabilities through abortion and forced sterilization.

For them the Constitution was and is an obstacle to be subverted. Anyone standing in the way must be marginalized and crushed.

Ms. Knight let the cat out of the bag lamenting that progressives lack the power to enlarge the control of unconstitutional agencies like the FDA and EPA over people, referred to Americans as citizens of the planet, and called for “balance” in political views in the media which is liberal-speak for censoring conservative as they have done at universities and in public education.

Even as socialist experiments turned into blood-soaked nightmares in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba and Vietnam, progressives continued to support imposition of their Marxist vision on the West.

Following a strategy of deception they labeled their Marxist agenda “social justice” cloaking it in the words of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. In Latin America they called it “Liberation Theology” and portrayed Jesus as a Christian Che Guevara to justify murder, bombings, and assassinations.

Those who would destroy liberty and the God-given rights of Americans are not the heart and soul of this nation but a remnant nightmare of the Bolshevik experiment.

Mike Swickard


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