I have seen the Cumberland Times-News coverage on heroin in Cumberland and it has caused me great concern.

Your recent editorial supporting this brand of promotion has motivated me to speak (See: “It’s real: Acting like there’s no drug problem won’t make it go away,” Feb. 6 Times-News).

When the editorial said people think your coverage might offend government officials who hold the purse strings, I could not stand by any longer. You misunderstand the point that the coverage offends many residents of Cumberland.

Your decision to exploit it in a blatant effort to sell papers and further humiliate the hard working people of Cumberland is unconscionable.

To constantly spread Cumberland’s heroin epidemic in color across the front page, of what is suppose to be a hometown newspaper, is baffling. You fail to understand that this problem is a nationwide issue. Many towns and cities across America are struggling with it.

The opiate problem is well publicized across our nation. How many papers single out their hometown in such a thoughtless way. Do you want people to think that Cumberland has no one living here but drug addicts? Because that is impression you are giving.

Your hypodermic needle logos are in very poor taste. Covering it is good but hammering it home daily with dramatic effect is unnecessary. Cumberland is fighting for its very survival and your insensitivity is not helping.

To say residents are ignoring the problem just further shows you refuse to understand how it makes people feel who grew up here, live here, and are trying to make Cumberland a better place.

Charles Twigg Sr.


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