I would like to let the citizens of McCoole and Allegany County know what is going on in the McCoole area with our tax dollars.

Most of you knew what was going on with the McCoole (privately owned) Fire Department.

Those that own it have lost your firehouse, firegrounds and the community building that, may I quote, “was the center of all community activities.”

As far as I know they still receive funding through the county, and maybe even the state. When I spoke to a county official, he basically said that the citizens of McCoole knew what was going on for many years and ignored it, but now they want the county people to do something about it.

I tell you right now, if you don’t get together and let your voice be heard, this will rear its ugly head again.

I know McCoole has a light committee. Get the committee together and contact your state representative and county officials, because this privately-owned company only moved a short distance away from the original building, and they will be back in service, if they aren’t already, with the taxpayers footing the bill.

Back when I contacted some county officials, they told me that this matter was under investigation. It has been under investigation for a year now and nothing as been resolved.

The citizens of McCoole and the Allegany County taxpayerss can’t find out what is happening with the investigation. I am told even news reporters can’t find out. Something isn’t right.

Tim Nash


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