Cumberland Times-News

January 9, 2014

Ball drop, entertainment good way to ring in the new year

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Dear mayor and city of Cumberland:

I had the privilege on New Year’s Eve to attend the celebration at the Allegany County Museum, accompanied by my 10-year old granddaughter, Jocelyn Barrett.

With only one exception, the first year, we have attended the ball drop every year. This was the first time we ventured to the entertainment.

Joe Kennedy, the magician, was outstanding. His humor and slight of hand were excellent. Jocelyn was amazed, as was I, and very excited when she got to help several times during the performance.

I had never had the opportunity to attend a performance by Ricky Howsare and was absolutely astonished at his magnificent voice. He, too, was a very awesome entertainer. His selection of song genre pleased both elderly and young alike.

I didn’t realize such talent existed in the great city of Cumberland!

The ball drop was spectacular as were the fireworks. It was a most exciting introduction to 2014. From a grandma of 63 years to the granddaughter of 10, there was wonderful entertainment for all. God has surely blessed us all!

Janet Light