Cumberland Times-News

March 25, 2013

Fit things like security into the board of education’s budget

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Five-hundred-thousand dollars for a new school security program! (“School board asks for $500k for security,” March 20 Times-News, Page 1A)

Come on, board of education, fit it in your own budget and stop coming to the county for the money.

Go over your budget and make some cuts. Do you really need two mental health officials? How about having one or two that are part-time?  

What do you think happens in the real world when people have emergency spending requirements? They cut out other things.

How about the BOE doing likewise. And don’t tell me there is no fat in the budget — there is and you know it. And what about a plan — do you even a fully thought out plan?

 What about doing some school consolidation to save money? Have one high school and eliminate one of the middle schools through merger.

The folks at the BOE need to learn to save money — there is no money tree and the BOE must learn to live with less.

They should not be allowed to believe that any time they want money for some new feature that the county has to provide the money.

No. The BOE must learn that when it wants new things be that personnel or programs, they must make room in their budget for them and not come crying to the county commission for more money.

 Just saying it is for security should not be an automatic way to squeeze more money out of the county.

There is no such thing in this world as 100 percent security. You are more apt to be killed in car crash than in a mass shooting.

Too many people fall for the line that more money equals better or safer schools. This has been proven false.

The U.S. spends more money on education than schools in western Europe and has a lower standing than any of these countries.

U.S. public schools are a failure and yet they are constantly, as the BOE does, demanding more and more money for some improvement or other which in actuality results in no improvement but just more money to waste.

 Before the BOE asks for money, why don’t they prove they need it.

How are the schools unsafe, can you increase safety without SRO?

It seems to me you simply are too greedy for money and have not thought how safety can be achieved for less money and money from within your own budget.

Try something simple first like: Lock the doors, put bars on the windows, install CCTV.

Judith Weller, PhD