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October 7, 2011

Fraternity helps bring ‘town and gown’ together

On behalf of the Frostburg Rotary, I would like to express our deep appreciation for the young men of Phi Mu Delta. Last Friday and Saturday, about 10 of the fraternity each worked a total of over 12 hours to help with the Rotary pancake breakfast.

They set up Friday evening at St. Michael’s Hall, were ready at 6:30 a.m. to start the griddles, and stayed until the last chair was put away and the floor swept and mopped.

While many of their group were hard at work flipping pancakes under the supervision of the fraternity Service Chair, Jimmy Wilkes, others (led by Rett — sorry! I don’t know his last name!) were on the floor greeting everyone with a smile, serving up hotcakes and sausage, and eagerly catering to any request.

Their smiles, positive attitude, and genuine warmth brought a spirit of energy and zest to this event.

As I looked around the room, I felt a deep sense of community. I saw the hardworking and committed Methodist Church Men’s group and members of the Frostburg Rotary Club (led by FSU staff member Phyllis Casey) who came together to resurrect this long standing community event after a hiatus of about five years.

I saw the Boy Scouts, Daniel Witter (the FSU graduate and now AmeriCorps volunteer working with the Rotary Pantry Partner’s Project and other community programs), Bill Rafferty from Frostburg Area Interfaith Food Pantry, and numerous children who had come with their parents — all volunteering their time to make this event a success.

But the glue that held it all together were the brothers of Phi Mu Delta. Their many hours of service — but most of all their cheerful and giving spirit — brought “town and gown” together in a way that exemplifies the possibilities when we join forces and build bridges of communication and connection.

These young men were outstanding representatives of their fraternity and of the University. We could not have pulled off this event without their hard work, but more importantly, we could not created the energetic atmosphere of hospitality and community without their presence.

Please communicate to the University faculty, staff, and students our deepest appreciation!

Cherie Snyder


On behalf of the Rotary Club of Frostburg

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