Cumberland Times-News

January 10, 2013

Why won’t she tell us she’s second in command?

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— In glancing through famous peoples’ birthdays in December I noticed Donna Brazile listed as a vice-chair of the Democrat National Committee (DNC).

Sure enough, she’s on the DNC website as vice-chair of voter registration and participation. As a matter of fact, her name is directly below Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who is the Chairwoman of the DNC.

Knowing that Ms. Brazile’s column appears in the Times-News, I reviewed the brief information about her at the end of her column. This lists her as a contributor to ABC and CNN, a Democrat strategist, contributor to Ms. Magazine, et cetera.

But there is no mention that she is virtually the second-in-command at the DNC and an elected Democrat functionary.

Naturally, one begins to wonder why an elected Democrat functionary would not list that information at the end of her column.

All other columnists that appear in the Times-News are news people or pundits of one sort or another. None are elected officials of a political party as far as I know.

Is this more of the “most transparent government” that was promised in 2008? Why is Ms. Brazile hiding this?

Is the Times-News hiding it, or is the newspaper even aware that an elected party functionary is posing as a columnist? This just doesn’t pass the smell test.

On another note, thanks to the gentleman a few weeks back who responded to one of Ben Cardin’s recent letters to the editor.

After having his face plastered in the newspaper and an onslaught of letters to the editor over the past year, it’s nice to know we won’t see much of Cardin for another six years.

But then I was thinking that it seems like Cardin had written a lot of letters to the editor during the election year, possibly even bypassing the 30-day rule established by the Times-News (no person can have more than one letter in 30 days, except as a rebuttal).

Scanning the Times-News website for Cardin’s letters, I went back to July 29 and found — none. Now that’s curious, since a gentleman had just replied to a recent Cardin letter in December.

Letters from regular citizens back to the end of July are all on the website, but I could find none from Cardin’s office.

Were Cardin’s letters really just propaganda (oops, news) releases that should have been placed in the local news section? If they were letters to the editor, why couldn’t I find them on your website after paging through and perusing pages and pages of letters?

Just asking. This is all very curious.

In any case, thanks to the gentleman who replied to Cardin in December. Unfortunately, none of Maryland’s Republican Senators or Congressmen have replied to Sen. Cardin. Wait a minute, we have no Republican Senators and only one of eight Congressmen is Republican!

But almost 32 per cent of party-affiliated registered voters in Maryland are Republican. And 37 percent of the Maryland presidential vote went for Romney.

That almost sounds like de facto discrimination to me when your population is 32-37 per cent Republican, but your Congressional representation is 12.5 per cent Republican. Well, this discrimination is just the result of that famous political process called gerrymandering.

And, yes, it happens with both parties, but we can only deal with the state in which we live, and 32-37 percent Republican with one of eight Congressmen as a Republican seems to be discrimination against many Maryland residents.

Donna Brazile? Ben Cardin? What gives?

Patrick Brady