Cumberland Times-News

March 26, 2014

It looks like global warming actually causes carbon dioxide

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— The climate change alarmists insist that climate change is due to the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which causes the planet to retain more of the sun’s heat which causes the planet to become warmer.

And that we need to cut back our use of fossil fuels to save the planet.

Bob Doyle’s column in the Sunday paper (‘Earth’s climate keeps changing, but why?” March 23) suggests an argument against this drastic scenario.

He wrote that as temperatures fall, oceans absorb more carbon dioxide and that when they rise they release carbon dioxide.

If an increase in carbon dioxide were the cause of the warming, this would cause more of the carbon dioxide to be released from the oceans which would cause more warming, and on and on causing a runaway effect.

He also states that there have been periods in the past in which the temperature was higher than today. This would cause more carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere.

Then if this causes temperatures to rise, then temperatures would be even hotter than today. Since this didn’t happen, it seems like the warming is not due to the increased carbon dioxide.

The article also mentions that higher carbon dioxide concentrations have correlated with higher temperatures.

The alarmists have used this correlation as evidence that the warming was caused by the carbon dioxide.

It seems that the alarmists may have the cause and effect reversed and that the more likely explanation of the historic correlation of carbon dioxide with average temperatures is that something else causes the warming which causes the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, not the reverse.

Leon Dillman