Cumberland Times-News


May 20, 2014

Huge increase in sewer fees will be hardship for residents

The city of Keyser and the areas of McCoole and New Creek are facing a large problem due to the complete disregard of the State of Maryland and the EPA. 
The city of Keyser is asking for a 96 percent rate increase in the sewer rate to cover the Chesapeake Bay cleanup. 
The average income in this community is $33,000 a year. 
The folks that are telling us we have to do this have no idea what a burden that places on the people who live here, they don’t know because they don’t come here and they spend that much on day care yearly, they have no idea how to live on that income, what happen to the fund to clean up the bay? It went to roads in the other part of the state.
Come on, Maryland, it is time you take care of the folk in the western part of the state. 
Not only will McCoole get an increase from Keyser, but they have to pay the cleanup fee, and New Creek will get an increase probably double now, and then again when the increase goes into effect.  
I would not mind if it would bring jobs or any benefit to the community’s involved, but it will NOT. We get no benefit at all. Please call your representative and complain. Let them know this is unfair and a total disregard for the public.
Karol Ashenfelter
Keyser, W.Va.

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