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June 22, 2014

Candidates not addressing problems of city and county

— Candidates seeking offices are not stressing the real causes of Cumberland’s and the county’s problems. That is getting industry into area to give employment and put money into people’s pockets.

Nothing is going to improve until then. That’s the bottom line.

 The cost of living in the area is too high, and too many taxes wasting tax money on departments not needed or overstaffed means there is so much trimming to be done for more effective operating system.

“Stop the waste” should be the slogan.

People are saying it doesn’t matter who you vote for. Cumberland will still be on the list of 10 most poverty-stricken towns in America, the county will continue to waste money, we will still have costly and poor representation in Annapolis.

The number of members on the Board of Education should be cut in half.

Taxpayers invest money in student’s education and then they leave the county as there are no jobs available, and therefore never pay back into the system — a one way expense!

An interesting question on many lips is, “Why are the candidates so silent about what or how much debt are we in?”

Mel Collins



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