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June 24, 2014

Session June 28 to discuss unconventional natural gas

Please join the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health (MIAEH) for a presentation of preliminary findings of unconventional natural gas (UNG) extraction's effects on public health.  

The session will be June 28 from 2 to 4:30 p.m. in the Garrett College auditorium, McHenry.

Maryland's health study attempts to document existing (baseline) health issues of citizens living in the Marcellus shale regions of Allegany and Garrett Counties and to review health effects in states where UNG is already being developed.

Reports from our neighboring states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania point to human and animal health problems related to water contamination and toxic air emissions associated with everything from drilling to compressor stations.  

However, because the health of individuals and their animals was not known before probable exposure, there is no way to determine the origin of these health problems.  

This Saturday you will learn why Marylanders need a true baseline study.  

We need to take air and water samples, if not animal and human biometrics, demonstrating our health and the health of our environment, so that if UNG development comes to Maryland and if it affects public and environmental health, we will have the research to back up any subsequent health and remediation claims.

Ann Bristow, member

Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission

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