Cumberland Times-News

November 5, 2012

Before you start fracking here, prove to us that it is safe

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Fracking could generate money and jobs in a time of economic turmoil, but the movements against fracking are deeply important.

The EPA concluded that the groundwater contamination in Dimock, Pa., was not caused by fracking. But this is just one example of cities and towns that have been affected.

Fracking has been linked to earthquakes and elevated cancer rates, let alone air pollution everywhere it is has taken place. The jobs may be given to trained workers from out of town and the liquid natural gas that comes from fracking might be exported.

It is well known that well casings will occasionally fail and cause groundwater contamination. What happens then?

Money is a necessity — I don’t mean to suggest otherwise — but many would consider the money secondary after a well leaks on their land and suddenly the water is useless and the property has no value.

Some people have been forced to abandon their dream homes because the land has been decimated by fracking.

How fair is it to lose everything you have worked for to the carelessness of a gas company who destroyed your land because they could profit from it?

In Maryland, before what has happened all across the country happens in our spectacular mountains, we want a moratorium on fracking until studies can prove that this practice will not harm the public or the environment.

This is not too much to ask for: if you want to drill here, prove to us that it is safe.

Desiree Bullard