Cumberland Times-News


November 7, 2012

Stealing political signs is not the mark of a good American

Due to a power outage at my home after the storm, I left town for several days. Upon my return, I found that my “Obama/Biden” and “Vote FOR Question 6” signs had been stolen from my yard.

To the person who stole them, and I might add, to the person who stole my “Obama/Biden” signs four years ago, you have infringed on my Constitutional right to free speech.

How unAmerican of you. I imagine you think yourself a good American. Think again. Clearly you have no respect for the basic principles upon which this country was founded.

As they say, “Love it or leave it.” You might want to go soon, before those of us who are real Americans finally take back our country.

Deborah Patton

Mount Savage

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