Cumberland Times-News

April 22, 2014

President and Obamacare: Who needs Congress?

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Being a fellow from a small town like Cumberland I don’t always really understand what’s going on in Washington. But I have watched a few houses being built over the years. I even helped some with one house, but my brother fired me from that work pretty quickly, mainly because it was his house being built.

It seems to me that if you’ve completed the foundation and done most of the rough framing on a house, well, it just doesn’t seem like the house is done. You know? I mean, what about the plumbing, roof, electric, siding, furnace, and all? They’re all pretty necessary to have a house.

Now I’ve been following this Obamacare law some and saw our president kind of crowing several times recently about what a success Obamacare has been. I’d be proud too if they named something after me, but it would probably be a sewage treatment plant or rest stop. Ain’t it funny how you don’t get much rest at a rest stop?

Anyway, I read that there have been over 30 changes and delays to fix up this Obamacare law. Shoot, I made a lot less than 30 mistakes when my brother fired me from that job. But in Washington I guess you’re allowed to make lots and lots of mistakes before they fire you.

In talking to some friends I remarked that Congress must have been real busy passing laws to correct those mistakes and make the changes and delays to Obamacare. Maybe Congress really does work some, or at least once in a while.

But my friends said that the president fixed all of the mistakes and made all of those delays and changes to the law all by himself. Now it’s been a while since I had a civics class, but I thought it was Congress’ job to make and change laws. I mean I know that Congress and the president and the Democrats and Republicans have to do some horse-trading and arguing and hollering to change laws, but I was taught that’s the way it works in this country. Maybe I’m wrong and just misunderstood the teacher back in that civics class. Things sure get done faster when the president can just fix these mistakes and change the law all by himself. Bless his heart.

My friends also told me that a lot of the changes and delays to this Obamacare law won’t happen until after the next election or two. Now I’ve always thought it’s a good rule in life to put off unpleasant tasks as long as possible. And the longer the better! Guess the president sees it that way too. He’s a pretty smart man.

But I’m still a bit puzzled. If I was building a house and had finished the foundation and framing, I’m not really sure I’d call a press conference to show everybody what a great house I’d built. I mean, ya know? Maybe I’d mess up the wiring and plumbing later on. And I sure wouldn’t let someone take a level to the foundation and framing that was already done; I’ll fix them later on too. I promise. Just trust me.

Patrick Brady