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May 4, 2014

What, they changed the recipe at Ledo’s?


with that. In this day and age in college basketball it’s an act of survival. It’s a necessity, and Turgeon has come away with highly-ranked recruiting classes, including the incoming class that is ranked eighth nationally by, and his first Maryland class of 2012, of which only forward Jake Layman and Mitchell (for now) remain.

Is Allen’s transfer a matter of his running from the incoming class that includes McDonald’s All-American point guard Melo Trimble and wing Dion Wiley? Allen’s AAU coach Craig Boothe told the Sun, no way. And it wouldn’t make sense for that to be the case because with Trimble at the point, Allen would have been free to return to his natural position of scoring guard.

Yet if that is the case, it says so, so much about the pee wee sports/participation trophy/AAU culture of entitlement we have created in spoiling our children through the process of marketing them for the free ride and the dreamy NBA riches at the end of the rainbow. That’s right, when it comes to all things participation trophy, which pee wee sports and, to a degree, the AAU are, I am the mean old man in the neighborhood screaming, “Get the hell off my lawn!”

For his part, Turgeon is not playing the part of the emperor wearing no clothes through this exodus, telling the Sun he must “take total blame” for these transfers.

“You don’t lose four guys and say, ‘Oh, it can’t be me,’ “ he said. “This is new territory for me. This has never happened” during his career as a head coach.

People who love the University of Maryland have not really liked the Maryland basketball team the past couple of years. Not the players personally, mind you, but the team — the way it has been constituted and, most importantly, the way it has played. Maybe the people who are leaving are responsible for that. Or maybe somebody who is staying is.

This we will discover in time. But until then, Drew Nicholas is right. It really is time to say it ... What is going on with the Terps program!?!?

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